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 The Workshop - where it all happens ! 

How difficult can it be for a ‘scrap artist’ to find a workshop in Cornwall? They are as the Cornish will tell you 'As rare as Hens Teeth'.


There are loads of spaces.., great ones too if you have money and nothing for the rest.... Sad story….


Happy endings aren’t just for cartoons though.., they can sometimes happen to people like me too!


I have moved twice between three workshops over the past five years, partly due to having to do so, and wanting to do so.


A prospective landlord thinking about accommodating me, must understand the following; that I’m a foreigner with a heavy accent, I feverously collect scrap metal and piles of 'stuff', I drive a ‘white van’ and I dress like a ‘pikey’ (but do not live in caravan yet)!


So far most landlords have got over these obstacles, which I so ignorantly present, and at the moment I have a great workshop, an honourable landlord with a wife who makes a great cup of tea!


Sorting out the space and keeping it sorted has proven to be an almost impossible task, but my creativity juices flow and are not bothered with the mess! I know where everything is in the chaos ...eyes, fins, teeth...they are all here!!


Soon i hope to have my workshop divided into metal, wood and clay areas as well as enough space to park my van. It’s a dream that just must come true…if the workshop fairy ever pays me a visit....


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