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Clay Worx

While creating some interesting and crazy pieces in South Africa and always constantly looking for anything discarded or thrown away, I met some really creative clay sculptors/potters who always seemed to have a broken piece or two lying around.  Like with anything else I thought, “Hmmm..,” and I thought again, “Hmmm.., metal and clay will go well together!” Of course with me, broken things either ‘evolve’ into something entirely different or it get ‘fixed’ in such a way as to highlight the actual ‘fixing’!


Moving to Cornwall brought me to the door of a local potter, Billy Hawkins, who every now and again needs to get rid of some clay.., which appealed to me tremendously!So.., roughly September 2012 I started playing around with clay and found that I just absolutely loved it!I’m not 100% sure where I’m going with this, but I will definitely be doing more!  


Click on images to view the slide shows !!!


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