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When ever I create something, without exception, I always have a dialogue with the piece. This might sound strange to some, but when someone asks me ‘how do you do this’ I would reply ‘insanity helps’ for that will be what normal society would consider someone living in the world I live in.


Writing has been and will be part of my creative process until I drop. Poems almost develop simultaneously with a piece and sometimes will tell its story or reflect how I felt at that moment. I decided to add these to my work and have found exhibition visitors slowing down to read the poems. Some smiling, giggling right down the line to some being shocked!


After doing two of these ‘poetry exhibitions’, I decided to put together two little books called Scrap Sculpture & Silly Poetry I and Scrap Sculpture & Silly Poetry II and made them available at future exhibitions.


The cover of Scrap Sculpture & Silly Poetry I is that of our youngest who was seconds later joined by his older brother for the cover of Scrap Sculpture & Silly Poetry II standing below the Plough Fish, Philadelphia, West Coast, South Africa.


The voices motivating me to write did not only speak while I’m in my workshop creating things. No, some of them.., those hiding in the darker corners of my mind also speak other times as well. Some just do not shut up and end up viewing their opinions at night in my sleep… Yes, my mind is all over the place most of the time and little snippets of possible stories come and go.


To soothe some nightmares I sat many an early morning and wrote three short stories; Blood Bath, Blood Deed and Blood Guilt which I had published in a book - Blood Birth.


All books are available on Amazon Books and Kindle



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